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That's because on this page, we'll introduce us to those who join us on the voyage.

Irrespective of whether we know you already, or you join because of the support of one of our Partners, everyone on these pages will be our friends - and the friends of all who read these pages.

After all, there must be a common denominator of a love of travel, adventure and getting wet.

First of all is us - sSo click on either of us below to find out more.....

Peter & Jean's wedding

Peter KnightJean Hutson-Knight

Peter asked Jean to marry him in Ambon, Indonesia, following the 1997 Darwin-Ambon race. Jim and Dee Woodward, owners of the Swan 57 "Sweetwater" on which we were crewing, threw us a surprise party with the many friends we had made during the race.

The dangerous Swedes, Richard and Eva Lindstrom of "Anahita" - a Scanmar 40 - were there, and started the evening's entertainment serving an exceedingly dangerous concoction lurking in a coconut. Later that night in Halim's Restaurant, we fell in among Garth and his crew of "Walk on the Wild Side", an ex-Melbourne Farr 58 now residing in Perth, Western Australia.

On our return to Oz from overseas, we decided it was about time to make good the commitment we had made and since Jean's folks moved from Zimbabwe to Perth a few years back, Perth seemed the place to go. But where to do the deed?

So we rang Garth and he said "Yes, of course".

There can be few more perfect venues for a Wedding than "Wild Side" in Matilda Bay as the sun slowly sets across the Swan River.

Who else has sailed with us?

Pommy, Lloyd & Mangy

Julie, nnn & nnn



Wanda & nnn


Mary-Elizabeth - Jeans niece who has joined us from Perth W.A for three months as we sail around Turkey and the greek island of Simi.

Nicola, Mark, Emily & Olivia





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