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This is be the page that leads you to all the stories, tales, journals and observations from all of us on "Hinewai" .

We'll get round to finishing off all the preparation stories one day, but meanwhile, here's the stories of the trip so far - the newest ones are first.

Ismailia to Turkey

A win over baksheesh, the last bit of the Suez Canal and feet dry on Turkey

 Ismailia & Cairo

Corrupt officials but we make our escape, two wonderful days in Cairo

The Red Sea 3 and the First Half of the Suez

Sitting in Hurghada waiting for weather, just 200 miles to go.  The final dash, a sandstorm, paperwork and fees then half way up the Suez Canal to Ismailia

The Red Sea 2

Still in the Red Sea, Port Ghalib, more weather, Hurghada, X-Rays and cruising the Nile

The Red Sea 1

Slowly working our way up against the weather,  lots of stops, interesting places and a little video clip

From Aden into the Red Sea

The sadly faded glory of Aden, the curse of Qat, refueling nightmare, then off again.  Into the Red Sea and a mad night chasing a damaged and out-of-control yacht.  A happy ending with our first BBQ in Africa.

Pirate Alley from Oman to Aden

Joining the Vasco da Gama rally in Salalah, exploring Oman, seeing lots of camels then it's time for the convoy to Aden

The Indian Ocean 2 - From Galle to Salalah via the Maldives

A short but wonderful stop in The Maldives, lovely officaldom, nudges by Whales and arriving in Asia Minor

Galle and Sri Lanka

Being ripped off by Customs. Exploring Galle and a little bit of Sri Lanka while waiting for parts to be made.  Elephants bring big smiles to Jean's face.  Meeting Marlin - a good guy.

The Indian Ocean 1 - From Langkawi to Galle

Leaving Thailand for a quick stop in Langkawi, then heading west.  Passage life. An unexpected breakage means we have to make a divert to Galle, Sri Lanka

Thailand and the Kings Cup

Saying goodbye to Malaysia, on to Thailand for the Kings Cup.  Racing and parties, lots of islands, Christmas and the New Year.

From Singapore to Langkawi

Leaving good friends in Singapore, a quick passage to Port Dickson then onto Penang.  Five long long weeks out on the hard doing all those things Hinewai needed to stay good. But new and special friends make the time pass quickly and some help us on to Langkawi

From Kuching to Singapore

Leaving Borneo and a windy crossing to Tioman Island, then onto Singapore.  And getting even more well over lightning

From Kumai to Kuching

Leaving Indonesia, heading north around Borneo; Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei, racing and free hotel rooms, thunderstorms and being well over lightning

From Lombok to Kumai

Passaging with fish-traps, Bawean, Kumai River and the orang-utans

From Bali to Lombok

New friends, traveling again, Nusa Lemboggen, Teluk Narah, the Gili's

From Darwin to Bali

Travelling again, reaching our first new country, loosing a prop blade

Darwin 3

It may have been an enforced stay, but life in Darwin is fun - 3 - and well ready to leave

Darwin 2

It may have been an enforced stay, but life in Darwin is fun - 2

Darwin 1

It may have been an enforced stay, but life in Darwin is fun

From the Torres Strait to Darwin

Our first long pasage across the top end, arriving in Darwin - and breaking ribs

From Cairns to the Torres Strait

Up behind the Barrier Reef, living by waypoints

From Sydney to Cairns

Heading still north to Brisbane, collecting crew (and loosing one to seasickness), Hamilton Island in thermals and on to collect Jean in Cairns

From Queenscliff to Sydney

Heading north to Sydney, dodging bad weather or darting into bolt holes, and getting into the swing of cruising. 

From Melbourne to Queenscliff (or it Queenscliffe?)

Finally we get away, albeit only as far as Queencliffe




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