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From Kumai to Kuching

Smart Slider with ID: 14Greetings All,The weather has a lot to do with how often we write these short (sic) missives.  For example, here we are in Miri, a small city in Sarawak, one of the Malaysian provinces in Borneo and it hasn’t stopped raining all day.  And, while we’d been planning to leave tomorrow, the weather forecast shows some pretty average weather around here for the next few days – so here we will stay.  Looks like Peter will have his birthday in Miri after…

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The Orangutans of Borneo

Smart Slider with ID: 13Off to meet the relativesAnd again we were very fortunate.  In addition to the young driver, we had Yani ( as our guide.  Very experienced, he actually runs his own tour guide company but had stepped into the breach to help Herry out.  He was a mine of information, not just about the apes, but all the flora and fauna we were to see, and had eyes like a hawk, soon spotting our first orangutans way up in a tree by the…

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